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Electric Mobile Studio 2012 Activate Key




-engine-programmable-api-for-mobile-devices-1-1-with-new-features-and-function-extensions/ A: As seen in the documentation, you'll need to install the Javascript libraries. Go to and register a free account, then click on the install tab and download the libraries. Q: How to make gulp watch add the same files into the watch task? I am using a watch task that gulp will execute after running a task. For example, I have the following tasks: gulp.task('watch-task', function() {'./src/css/**/*.css', ['css']);'./src/js/*.js', ['js']); }); gulp.task('css', function() { // do stuff with the css files gulp.task('js', function() { // do stuff with the js files gulp.task('default', ['watch-task'], function() {'src/**/*.js', ['js']); I know I can create a separate task that will call'src/**/*.js', ['js']); which will automatically run watch-task. My problem is that the css task will not run the watch task again when I do css again. I can't just run css and assume that it will call watch-task again because I don't want to run watch-task every time I run css. I am looking for a way to make gulp watch always run the same task because I am doing the same type of operation to the files it watches. You can use the task.on('start' event to trigger your task from the 'watch-task' task, for example:'src/css/**/*.css', ['css']);'src/js/*.js', ['js']); // do stuff




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Electric Mobile Studio 2012 Activate Key

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